My New Year Playlist

New songs for the new year


I wanted to start the year on a good note… here are some of my favorite songs as of right now, that have helped me start the year off. Maybe you will find some new things for yourself.

Til Next Time,


My Summer Playlist

What your about to read is my summer playlist. I‘ve spent most days inside either working or relaxing  (which honestly seems rare now days), even crazier I went swimming for the first time yesterday (7/11/17), I’ve been out of school for almost 2 months! Kinda seems like my summer is flying by and is a waste? But anyway this playlist is songs that make me feel good, and it is a mix of a few genres.

Enjoy and maybe you will find something you have never heard before!

P.s. If you can’t tell this post has been in the making for a little while, sorry about that please enjoy.